Dog Breeding

We, Silvia and Gubert, bought our first Tibetan Terrier in 1999 from the “Wangthang Kennel” in Switzerland, and it was love at first sight. Amchi accompanied us for the following 14.5 years as a faithful companion and friend.

As we had planned to move as pensioners to South Africa, and have plenty of time for a dog, we looked around to find a good breeder of Tibetans “Once a TIBI, always a TIBI” It seemed at that time not possible to get pedigreed Tibet Terrier in South Africa.

We decided to buy a male and a female puppy in Switzerland, and bring this wonderful dogs to the country we love.

With the precious experience with Amchi it was no question where we would try and get one of the dogs. Wangthang for Bayan Kara Shankari was born on the 15.10.2015 at Wangthang Kennel and cared for by Elisabeth Martinoli Nam Tso Ni-ma K-Jetsun Lamleh was born on the 26.12.2015 at the Nam tso Ni-ma Lamleh Kennel and cared for by Ruth Huber

These two ladies are both dedicated champion breeders of Switzerland

Since Juni 2016, the four of us live here in the Ndlovumzi Nature Reserve South Africa in a total natural surrounding enjoying a big garden.

Now the time has come to try and make another dream come true and bring more of this beautiful dogs to South Africa

Shankari and Bayani`s love date was successful.

Our puppies are here and it is beautiful to watch them grow by the days.


Our puppies eyes are open, its a new world! We have already sold one of these beautiful babies. 

Our Puppies Progress

The Exciting Journey